I’m Shauna

I am a therapist, professional trainer, keynote & TED speaker.

I have developed a unique and revolutionary methodology of healing called

‘ The Clearing Method ‘

The Clearing Method is a guide to uncovering and healing the source of your suffering. The ‘ how to ‘ of finding and healing the difficult wounds that lie within. A step by step system that gets to the root causes of suffering and dis-ease, switching them off at source.

The method is a psychotherapeutic, body centred tool, delivered through the person centred relationship.

A method born out of my own experience of the journey back to my real self which happened over a period of a few years.

During this time my witness mind observed the source of my suffering and assisted my thinking mind to find and heal the source of that suffering.

My experience was that you can find a way to bypass the mind’s need to sort and label, by using the emotional content within.

I used the somatic sensations in my body to guide me to a place of healing.

I witnessed and worked through a series of steps in order to free myself from the pain and turmoil of wounds within. Now I am teaching this method to Therapists and coaches to enable them to steer their clients out of their suffering.

Currently practicing as a Person Centred Therapist in my home town of Derry City in Ireland, I have helped thousands of people journey home to their real self using ‘ The Clearing Method ‘

I am both humbled and excited to share my life’s work with you.

“The Solution to healing is working with the pain in the body. The Problem is getting the mind to allow access to that pain”

– Shauna Quigley

I train therapists in a complete embodied modality of therapy, helping them find the root cause of suffering for their clients.

“ We don’t treat depression. We treat the feelings that create depression. We don’t treat anxiety. We treat and remove the threats that cause anxiety. We don’t treat OCD. We treat the feeling that creates OCD. The Clearing Method is root cause focused. We treat the root cause not the symptoms. We are dedicated to Clearing not managing. ”

I am the founder of wellness seeker, a wildly passionate company. Our main aim is to spread hope and happiness and we are dedicated to the transformation of others.